Southeastern University- Stadium Concrete & Structural Steel - A.O. Construction

Tucker Construction performed all Concrete and Structural Steel for the Stadium project.

Southeastern University 7-14-14 02

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Southeastern University- Stadium- September Progress

August Progress Photos of Southeastern University Stadium in Lakeland, Florida. In the month of August, Tucker Construction completed the following items for the project; Install Curb on NE side of Stadium, Install Sonatubes at Home Bleachers & Ramp, Cutout & Pour back Concrete SW Side of Stadium, Scoreboard Tie Beam, Tear Out & Grade Right Side of Drive, Crosswalk Concrete & Striping, Pavement Patching, Cutout & Pour Back Sidewalk Roadside and Install Bike Racks & Striping.

Southeastern University- Stadium July Progress Tucker Construction completed the following items in the month of July; Fence curb at grandstands, install electrical chase and grating, form and pour a curved tie beam at the concession building score board pilasters, form and pour curbs, additional sidewalk at bus shelter.

Southeastern University- Stadium- June Progress

May Progress Photo

April Progress Photo

March Progress Photo